Review of the 10 largest casinos in the world

In the world of gambling adventures, the biggest casinos in the world – it is not just gambling establishments, they become unique temples of luxury and excitement, where every moment is filled with the opportunity to try their luck.

The desire to make a big score is characteristic of representatives of all cultures and countries. If you are wondering what is the biggest casino in the world? Here are the biggest casinos where you can say goodbye to the fruits of your labors in an attempt to become a millionaire.

Atlantis Casino & Resort – Paradise Island, Bahamas

“Atlantis” is the largest casino in the world in the Bahamas – it is “only” 15,000 square meters in size. If you are looking for where is the worlds largest casino. Atlantis Casino & Resort is the largest leisure and entertainment complex in the Caribbean.

Gold Coast Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The gambling zone of it is spread over 26,500 square meters. It is noteworthy that Gold Coast Hotel and Casino is located not so far from the main streets of the gambling paradise, but it has more locals than guests from all over the world. By the way, the buildings of it casino “lit up” in the sci-fi movie “Mars Attacks!”.

Resorts Casino Hotel – Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

The name of the world’s largest casino speaks for itself – a casino and a hotel. The gambling part of it is spread over a good 30,000 square meters. It is the oldest officially authorized casino in the United States, built outside the Nevada gambling zone. The Resorts Casino Hotel opened in 1978, and since then the complex has never closed its doors to the public.

The Big Wynn – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Having paid homage to the classic casino+hotel system, it’s worth moving on to modern mega-casinos. One of the first biggest casino in the world, standing on Paradise Strip, in the heart of Las Vegas. Its area is 34,000 square meters. Its recreational area is included in the top of the best hotels in the world according to Condé Nast Traveler. And by the way: if you are lucky enough to be there and win big: the Wynn has its own Ferrari-Maserati dealership.

Wynn Macau – Macau, China

Steve Wynn, owner of the Wynn casino chain, couldn’t resist competing with Stanley Ho to head up the Asian board of directors and introduce the Wynn Macau complex to Asian gambling enthusiasts.

Wynn Macau - Macau, China

The gaming area of it is not yet the big casino is 62,500 square meters. In more than a thousand guest rooms, the interior is bursting with luxury and archaeological treasures, so Wynn still managed to surpass its Asian competitor.

Crown Casino – Melbourne, Australia

Although the Green Continent’s gambling industry can’t compete with the US or Asia, the Crown Casino complex is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. Yes, and most competitors in the northern half of the planet, he can easily rub his nose in it: the area of the gaming area – 67 000 square meters. meters. meters. The complex has 1604 hotel rooms where such celebrities as Tiger Woods, Nicole Kidman and Katy Perry have stayed.

Mandalay Bay – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Anyone who likes to watch people beating each other mercilessly on the face and other parts of the body should look at the Mandalay Bay complex, where matches among the best fighters in boxing, bare-knuckle fighting and various martial arts take place, as well as all kinds of beauty contests.

By the way – here you can bet on the results of these events. Mandalay Bay is a whole world of opportunities to spend money. The total area of the gambling zone is 41,000 square meters. There is also one of the largest swimming pools in the Western Hemisphere called Moorea.

Caesars – Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

If you are looking for where is the largest casino in the world? Caesars was the second casino in Atlantic City. The complex has been remodeled and expanded several times, becoming the largest in the state. At the moment, the area of the gambling zone is 44,100 square meters. And it should be assumed that the ambitions of the owners have not dried up yet.

Caesars - Atlantic City, New Jersey

On the territory of Caesars there is also a capacious theater hall for 1100 seats with impeccable acoustics and sound. Dozens of stars of the first magnitude, such as Frank Sinatra, have performed on it.

Rio Casino Resort – Klerksdorp, South Africa

Although the Crown Casino is the largest gambling establishment in the Southern Hemisphere, but it is the area devoted to gambling in it is 14 000 square meters less than in the Rio Casino Resort. Therefore, the entertainment complex in South Africa still holds the palm of superiority on the Black Continent and in all countries below the equator.

Casino Ponte 16 – Macau, China

Another representative of large casino in Macau, Casino Ponte 16 has an area of 82,300 square meters of gaming premises. This complex is especially known for its Michael Jackson museum: his famous diamond glove was exhibited here. Although it has been sold to private ownership, Casino Ponte 16 is still associated with the King of Pop.

Bottom line

Despite the development of online gambling platforms, the number of land-based largest casino is not decreasing. Today, land-based casinos operate around the world and are often located in large resorts with hotels, restaurants and entertainment complexes.

Of course, in the future we are waiting for even more global and ambitious projects, compared to which this list will seem like child’s play. If you are looking for what is the largest casino in the world? Roll the dice and try your luck at one of the giant casino!