Drake Gambling. Should the rapper be included in the list of reliable cappers?

betting shops and they hardly care for an extra way to line their pockets – they all want a hot experience. One of the most famous celebrities in betting is rapper Drake. What if this guy is actually good at predicting? Let’s tally up the stats and draw conclusions about where does Drake stream.

Who is Drake

If you type the word “Drake” in a search engine, you will be given two characters to choose from – the legendary English privateer of the XVI century Francis Drake and Canadian rapper Aubrey Drake Graham. The hero of the article will be the second Drake – a rapper.

The musician is a recognized genius in his profession – the Canadian even won a couple of Gramm awards. Not surprisingly, the performer with world fame is also a very wealthy citizen. If you are looking for information how much does Drake make a year? In 2023, the singer’s net worth amounted to 250 million dollars!

What does Drake spend his money on

Like all troubled stars Drake loves to expand his car fleet and buy private jets. Luxury real estate and expensive accessories are also on the list of interests of the rapper. The performer is not squeezed for charity – tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars are regularly transferred from his accounts to various funds. The only “strange” item of expenditure – Drake gambling stream.

Drake Gambling 2

Drake became a guest on the Twitch channel of online casino Stake (given the naming, their union should have happened). Highlights of the broadcast were two moments where the bets when playing Drake roulette, and brought him 13 and 12 million dollars (timecodes on the video: “01:10” and “06:30”).

Drake’s bets on American soccer

A total of eleven Drake bets are known for 2023, four of which came on an unfamiliar sport. At the beginning of the year, all the Canadian’s attention was focused on the Super Bowl final of American soccer between the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals – concluded three Drake betting for a total of 1.25 million dollars, with two of them went to the personal statistics of the player. Later, the musician also bet on who would be the No. 1 pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

The bet on the total did not reach, but the touchdown and victory in the match from the guys from Los Angeles did not fail – net on the Super Bowl managed to raise more than 165 thousand bucks! And three out of three could have been scored – Beckham Jr. had 52 yards at the start of Drake online gambling, but was injured in the second quarter and could not return to the field. The draft got even juicier with a profile of 184k greenbacks. Drake seems to know his way around American soccer – authoritatively enough to follow the star’s predictions.

Drake’s UFC betting odds

After a successful Super Bowl and NFL draft, the hero was overwhelmed by emotions – he wanted to punish bookmakers even more. The rapper hustled into the fight game and made Drake bet on several high-profile signings. Surprisingly, the manny bettor believed in underdogs and was expectedly punished for his greed for odds.

  • Jorge Masvidal vs. Colby Covington ($275k) – 3.65;
  • Justin Gaethje’s win against Charles Oliveira ($427k) – 2.58.

Both fights weren’t actually hopeless. Covington won by judges’ decision only, and Oliveira had been in two knockdowns before his triumphant samba. If all of our close bets were to go to the wire, the betting shops would be long gone – for now, we’ll write Drake down as a loser predictor of martial arts.

Drake’s basketball bets

Seleba treats basketball with special trepidation, so his three bets on this marvelous sport do not surprise anyone. It’s a pity that the game has not yet reciprocated the bettor – two holes and one bet in the game. And not only NBA games, but also NCAA college basketball is in the sphere of interest.

  • Duke’s victory over North Carolina ($80,000) – 1.53.
  • Nets, Mavericks and Blue Jays ($314K) – 5.51.
  • Golden State to win the Western Conference ($159k) – 5.03.

Not the best Drake bets. With the students at the semifinals stage, Drake clearly succumbed to emotion. Legendary Duke coach Mike Krzeszewski was finishing his career after it and the bet was made in the hope to see the coach in the finals – in fact, the teams were equal in strength and the bet was unjustified by the odds.

A priori expresses rarely go in – the Brooklyn Nets let down, losing with the score 112:116 to the Boston Celtics. How much is stake worth is not known exactly. They lost almost 400,000 at the basketball game, so the Nets need to make things right – to beat Memphis without the injured Ja Morant and wait for the winner of the Phoenix-Dallas pairing in the conference finals. It’s too early to announce a verdict, as long as the last bet remains at Drake gambling.

Drake Gambling 3

Drake bets on horse racing

It seems that the Canadian does not know much about horses, because Drake bets on Rich Strike’s victory in the Kentucky Derby amounted to a measly $500. Most likely, the singer was eating up the bitterness of defeat at the fights in this way and hoped to raise some dough for a free dinner. The prank was successful – Drake sports betting with odds of 14.7 played!

He made a fortune. American rapper made $830,000 on the NBA Finals

Rapper Drake, who is considered one of the most popular performers in the United States, bet $1 million on the NBA Finals between the Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat.

The performer believed in the success of the Denver Nuggets. Drake made the first bet of $1 million on the victory of the team in the series with odds of 1.23. For the second bet, the artist allocated $250,000, betting on the victory of the same team in the series with a score of 4-1 with odds of 3.40.

On June 13, the series between the clubs ended. “Denver” won with a score of 4-1. In the end, whats Drakes networth? Drake earned a net worth of 830 thousand dollars.

Drake bets on hockey

On hockey, the Grammy winner has bet recently. His current coupon is buried in the series “Toronto Maple Leafs” – “Tampa Bay Lightning”. The rapper is rooting for the Canadians, but doubts the success of his favorites – after all, the rivals are the winner of the Stanley Cup the last two years. The compromise was found in the number of matches – a full distance of seven games, total more (6.5). Drake stake was concluded for $400 thousand for “three”, at the moment the score on the matches 2:2, it remains to win one home game and chill in the seventh – at the moment the layout is in favor of the client of the office.

Whether to subscribe to Drake’s insta

Why insta? Because it’s on his social media page that the star likes to show off betting screens – extra. If you are going to comprehend sports in the form of American soccer or baseball, then the opinion of the “smoked” betting Canadian will become authoritative for you. It’s also worth keeping an eye on who did Drake bet on today! And don’t miss out on smolmarket like horse racing or draft picks – Drake may have plenty of connections for insiders.